Safe, Comfortable Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A man in a red collared shirt smiles.The wisdom teeth — or third molars — typically emerge during the late teens or early 20s. When they do not surface properly, it can often lead to health problems and oral complications as time goes on. If you need to have your third molars removed, Dr. E. Mark Wade can perform wisdom tooth extraction at his Mesa, AZ, practice to maintain your bite and prevent future issues from occurring. His combination of modern dentistry and sedation techniques can help ensure your wisdom tooth extraction is as comfortable as possible. For a personal consultation, or more information about our approach to wisdom tooth removal, please contact our friendly staff today.

Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth 

Some adults will never develop third molars, while others may only have a few. When they do develop, wisdom teeth are the last to appear. As a result, their designated space along the jaw can often become occupied or crowded by other teeth. In these situations, the emergence of wisdom teeth may result in several different complications:

  • Pain, cysts, or damage to other teeth can occur when a wisdom tooth is impacted and cannot erupt through the gum line.
  • Bacteria can become trapped under flaps of tissue and cause decay or infection when a wisdom tooth only erupts partway.
  • Ulcers can occur when a wisdom tooth over-erupts and impacts the adjacent gums because there is no corresponding tooth to oppose it.
  • Your bite can become misaligned when an erupted wisdom tooth crowds and moves other teeth.

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, infection, or dental damage, they should likely be removed as soon as possible. Dr. Wade can perform safe and effective extractions to preserve your oral health.

Extraction and Aftercare 

Dr. Wade performs all wisdom tooth extractions using proper anesthetic to keep patients comfortable. For those who may be nervous, we can also provide additional sedation with nitrous oxide. The doctor's approach to your extraction will depend upon your unique situation. If your wisdom tooth has erupted all the way through the gum tissue, Dr. Wade can typically loosen and remove it easily. If the tooth is only partially erupted or embedded under the gums, the doctor will likely need to perform a surgical extraction, which involves removing a minimal amount of bone or tissue to expose the tooth and provide access.

Once the teeth are extracted and the operation is complete, Dr. Wade will place folded gauze over the incisions to minimize bleeding. After the procedure, you can return home to rest and begin the healing process. As you recover over the course of several days, you will need to avoid any foods or activities that might open your sutures or cause dry sockets, which is painful condition that occurs when the extraction site is disturbed before the wound has properly healed.

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Dr. Wade has been practicing for more than 25 years, and specializes in family dentistry and emergency treatments. He is committed to providing compassionate and effective care to all of his patients, and remains on the leading edge of dental advancements through continued education. To schedule a consultation to evaluate your or your child's wisdom teeth, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Wade.

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