The Benefits of Digital X-Ray at Your Dentist Office

At Family Care Dentistry we are invested in the best patient outcomes we can produce. This is why we have implemented digital-x-ray's into our Mesa, Arizona dental practice. 

A digital x-ray is an x-ray system that is not sent to a dark room for development of the pictures. The pictures are instantly displayed on a monitor, completely vanishing waiting time. Putting the image onto a computer monitor allows us to not only diagnose treatment on a much larger scale but gives us the opportunity to allow you to see it as well. We can now identify changes in the mouth easier and faster then in the past. 

Software also allows us to see changes in the mouth that could have previously been missed by the naked eye. Another benefit of being digital means that we can print, save, or send the image. We can refer back to it for future visits and know exactly what kind of changes we are looking for. They can also be sent to other doctors for second opinions or to insurance companies instantly. 

Digital x-ray's use a considerably less amount of radiation to produce an image than previous systems. The exposure from a digital dental x-ray is a fraction of the dose received from a medical x-ray. This makes it a much safer process for the patient. While we always try to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation with the new digital x-ray systems it is one less issue to be concerned about.