Family Care Dental Cosmetic Dentist in Mesa - Get Ready for Easter!

This year, April 1st marks Easter and April Fools Day. But, don’t let your teeth be the joke at Easter service this year! Bring out your Sunday best, pile on the bright colors, and get your smile ready! With the main goal being “dress to impress” you’re sure to see the most attractive spring colors and florals on all the neighbors, and it’s equally important you look your best. Yellow teeth are out this year and don’t match well with spring greens, purples, and pinks. Time to update your smile.

Here are our five tips on getting whiter teeth with cosmetic dentistry in Mesa:

  1. Teeth whitening treatments. We’re offering great teeth whitening treatments that are 100% painless and performed in the comfort of our offices and your own home! Improve your smile within a few days, and with little ongoing maintenance!

  2. Veneers. Want an instant improvement to your teeth? Whether you’re looking for a brighter white or to fix some imperfections, veneers are a great option and we guarantee your complete satisfaction on all our work!

  3. Brushing after coffee. After your whitening treatments, be sure to brush brush brush! You’ll want to keep those pearly whites looking great, and brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash after coffee, tea, and soda is the best way to keep your chompers nice and white!

  4. Lather, rinse, repeat! Keep on whitening. Use a whitening toothpaste, fill your trays and continue to maintain your teeth. Once you get the shine and shade you want, you’ve got to stay on top of keeping them perfect!

  5. Regular dental visits. Ensuring you’re receiving regular visits to the dentist every six months for deep cleanings is crucial to long-term whitening. Be sure to schedule your appointments well in advance.

Are you ready to get your teeth the brightest white they’ve ever been? Schedule your appointment today and we’ll make sure we get you in before Easter for your whitening treatments. Think of all the chocolate Easter bunnies you can enjoy with those beautiful teeth!

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