How Can Fluoride Help Your Smile?

How Can Fluoride Help Your Smile?

July 24, 2018
Do you want to make sure you and your family’s smiles are as protected as possible? At Family Care Dental we are proud to offer fluoride treatments, a form of preventive dentistry that can help replenish minerals, strengthen enamel, reverse early decay and protect your smiles from decay and cavities.

Who Needs Mesa Fluoride Treatments?

When it comes to protecting smiles, there are a variety of patients which can benefit from fluoride treatments, especially children. Along with our younger patients, we recommend fluoride treatments for:
  • Patients with active cavities.
  • Patients with eating disorders.
  • Patients with substance abuse disorders.
  • Patients who neglect routine professional dental care.
  • Patients with exposed root surfaces.
  • Patients with enamel defects such as genetic mutations.
  • Patients undergoing radiation therapy.
  • Patients on certain medications which cause dry mouth.
  • Patients with health conditions which cause dry mouth.

Why Do We Need Fluoride?

Research has shown that fluoride when applied to teeth can actually help to remineralize them, strengthening the enamel and protecting them from bacteria. Recent research has even shown that fluoride treatments can reverse early signs of tooth decay.

Getting Fluoride Treatments in Mesa, AZ

The entire process for fluoride treatments is extremely quick and simple, we often do it following routine dental examinations and cleanings. The fluoride is painted directly onto the teeth and then allowed to dry.

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