Spit it Out: 5 Facts About Saliva

Spit it Out: 5 Facts About Saliva

December 3, 2018
We have so much to thank our strong bodies for! They keep us going in ways we cannot even imagine. Every detail, including our spit, is made just right for a specific purpose. What’s so special about our saliva and how does it benefit us anyways? Continue reading on to learn of five facts about saliva from Family Care Dental in Mesa, AZ!

Five Fun Facts About Saliva

  • Saliva is a natural painkiller. A powerful component in saliva is called the opiorphin compound. This compound is six times more powerful than morphine and is a natural way the body fights against pain. Wounds in your mouth are typically going to heal quicker than in the rest of your body thanks to your saliva.
  • It makes food taste better. Saliva is the first step of the digestive system as it helps to break down food. While it is breaking down the food, the flavors are able to be released. The saliva also coats the food which allows it to be digested easily.
  • Saliva has a circadian rhythm. Our body clearly rests while we sleep which allows it to slow down for a period of time. The saliva production will slow down causing the build up of bacteria and leading to bad breath in the mornings.
  • Saliva helps to fight against different oral health issues. There are different minerals found in saliva that provide extra strength to the teeth and fight against bacteria that leads to cavities. In addition, saliva prevents the buildup of plaque and tartar as it protects the tooth’s surface from acids.
  • You can increase your saliva production. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is one way to ensure your body is making enough saliva to protect your oral health.
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