What to Eat and What not to Eat Just after Root Canal?

What to Eat and What not to Eat Just after Root Canal?

January 1, 2019
Are you petrified at the thought of visiting a dentist? You are not alone as most of us are scared of the dental procedures and the pain that happens during or after the procedure. One such procedure that scares us is the Root Canal. The name itself scares people and often it is painful, at least for the initial few hours. According to Dentists in Mesa, AZ, the root canal treatment is done for removing the infected pulp from your tooth. Once the procedure is done, a few precautions are suggested by the dentist. The instructions also include the Dos and Don’ts as far as eating is concerned.

Precautions to Take after Root Canal Treatment

  1. It’s advisable to keep the painkillers ready as you may need it just after the treatment. Ask prescription from your doctor in advance and if you need any antibiotics for keeping the infection at bay.
  2. It’s better to quit smoking for your overall health but it becomes all the more important after a medical procedure.

Other Precautions to be taken after the Procedure

  • Try not to chew anything as you may bite your cheeks since the sides of your mouth will be numb.
  • You can place an ice pack on the cheek as the procedure may lead to some swelling.
  • You can consider having an ice cream to feel better and relieve from swelling and pain. But have plain ice creams without nuts and dry fruits.
  • You must eat soft foods for two to three days after the root canal treatment. Avoid eating anything which is too hot or cold.
  • Don’t eat crunchy or hard food till you have crowns.
  • For relief from discomfort, rinse mouth with lukewarm salt water.
After Root Canals in Mesa, AZ, you can have following food items:
  1. Mashed potato and soup
  2. Frozen yogurt
  3. Fruit smoothies
  4. Pancakes
  5. Pasta
  6. Banana
  7. Pudding
  8. Vegetable & fruit juice
  9. Baked apples
  10. Cooked rice
  11. Soft vegetables
  12. Cheese
  13. Custard

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